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Seven inches of snow in most of central Indiana, including the Fishers area today. It started falling downtown today around 2:30. Left the office at 3:00 and was on the road about 15 minutes later. I tried to go home using my normal route but traffic was at a standstill when I left the interstate still about 7 miles from the house. After backtracking a little over to Shadeland and working my way over to Sergeant Rd at about 75th Street, I was about 3 miles from the house and at a standstill again. The mile between 75th and 86th was move 50 to 100 feet then sit for 10-15 minutes. It took me 4.5 hours to get home on a commute that normally takes 30 minutes. Blech!

By the time I got home, the majority of the snowfall was finished. I shovelled the driveway so that it would be clear but I brought my laptop with me and plan on working from home tomorrow anyway!