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We tripped on down to Florida on the 22nd for a bit of rest and relaxation. Bert and Irene (Jill’s parents) purchased a condo at Sarasota Surf & Racquet Club about 15 years ago. Jill’s family has been going to this place since sometime in the early 80’s. It feels like a second home to us. Bert and Irene traditionally don’t arrive for the winter season until close to the new year. Back in ‘96, Jill and I started taking the boys down to the condo between Christmas and the New Year. We’ve done this trip nearly every year since.


This year’s trip had a rough start. Jill was violently ill on the 25th and I strained a neck muscle (freak muscle spasm getting out of bed, weird!) the next day. We were quite the pair. After that though, the trip was much better! The boys spent most days at the beach building a huge sand castle with the Giczewski family or swimming at the pool. The Gizcewski family are parents and 4 adult children that are all married with kids about the same age as our boys. We met them during one of our holiday trips in ‘97 or ‘98 and hang with them whenever we’re both there. Jill and I got some reading done. We usually played board games or watched a movie in the afternoon and evening.

I’ve started going lo-tech on family vacations. I don’t carry a laptop unless there is a work reason. Over the next few days, I’ll put up a few more entries with some additional details and happenings from the trip.