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Finished applying the stickers to the blocks today. What a job! The game is basically ready to go. Still looking for replacement dice since I’m not pleased with the dice that shipped with the game. Only one of the local game stores has any and they only have 6 in white (need 7, preferably in black).

Started looking through the rules. It’s a little different than Memoir ‘44 and Battle Cry with regard to battle. Only the light units (green) can engage in ranged combat. In M44, the unit loses dice the further it is from its target. In CC:A, a unit in ranged combat rolls 1 die if it moved that turn and 2 dice if it didn’t (i.e. holds ground). All other units (medium and heavy types) can only engage in close combat (attacking unit is adjacent to its target). Light units can also engage in close combat. The number of dice rolled in close combat depends on the unit but, in general, heavier units roll more dice. Likewise, lighter units have greater range of movement.