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Finished our play of Fury of Dracula this evening. We needed to wrap it up so Logan could get to bed. I moved into the same city as Mina Harker (Jill) and we proceeded to battle. It was a rather long battle. I didn’t win many of the early rounds so I was leaking blood like a sieve. I was finally able to win a round with Mesmerize and sneak in the bite I needed to win the game.

The theme works great but the amount of cards we had to read in the first play made it a bit rough. There are also some clarity issues around the rules. FFG has a preliminary FAQ up and there are more questions being asked in the forum. A couple of well designed player aids would help a lot with the first few plays.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I think the boys did too. Jill is on the fence right now. Need to smooth out the play and see how long this really takes when comfortable with the rules. Two hours or less would be great.