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I’ve been lax in my posting lately. Jill, the boys and I travelled to Westerville, Ohio (Columbus ‘burb) so the boys could compete in a TKD tournament last Saturday (5/20). They participated in an in-school tournament and another sponsored by their school within the last 6 months or so. This was the first one we’ve travelled to outside the Indianapolis area. We left about 7am to arrive in time for the demonstration between the black belt (morning) and the color belt (afternoon) competitions. Good thing we did since we forgot to load their uniforms! We realized the goof near Cambridge City and lost an hour retrieving them. Thankfully, Jeff was able to meet us part way or we would’ve lost more time. We missed the demo but made it in time for them to compete.

Only Caleb did well enough to place. He received a 3rd in Forms within his group. Everyone that doesn’t place in either competition receives a Spirit medal. Tristan and Logan received these. They had great attitudes which can be difficult to maintain if you don’t place in any events.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen The Karate Kid but I sure felt like I was right in the middle of one the competition scenes from the movie. Those scenes must be reasonably representative of the feel of a martial arts competition. No Daniel-san or anyone pulling off the Crane Technique, though. 😉

On the way home, we stopped and spent a few hours in Dayton. We drove around the base and showed the boys where we lived while I was stationed there. We also stopped by the Air Force Museum but only walked around the planes on the grounds since it was nearly closing time. We hooked up with a former co-worker and good friend, Greg, and his family for dinner at Marian’s, a local pizza joint we frequented while living in Dayton. Greg and Tish have 2 boys a little younger than Logan. I generally only see Greg at GTF so it was nice to see his family and catch up a bit.