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TechEd (Microsoft’s annual technical conference) is this week in Boston. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gone and was able to swing a trip this year. Arrived last night after being delayed in Boston air traffic. I was still able to make it over to convention center for registration last night (which is better than Monday morning when everyone descends upon the conference).

As usual, the quality of the sessions varied quite a bit. None so bad that I left to seek out one of my alternative choices. Although David Chappell’s superb session on building modern software undoubtedly colored my reaction to later sessions that were quite acceptable but not as polished as his talk.

I took the GPSr out this afternoon and thought I’d tag a geocache or 2 while I was out walking. I ended up at the Public Garden (next to the Boston Commons) sitting on a park bench attempting to surreptitiously locate a magnetic cache underneath the bench. The muggles were out in force tonight so I had to walk away empty handed.