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Caleb and Logan played their first football game on Saturday. Logan is in his second year of flag and his last. He wants to play tackle sooooo bad. Caleb is playing his 3rd year of tackle and has another great set of coaches this year.

Logan pulled the first flag on the first play in his game. He also recovered a fumble later in the game.

Caleb’s game was tough. They were without their running back and the other team went up 6 – 0 in the 2nd quarter. They answered with 8 points in the 3rd (point after kicks count for 2pts in this league). In the 4th, Caleb’s team gained control of the ball with just under 2 minutes to play. They fumbled on 3rd down with 50 seconds to play. The other team got off a couple of plays and nearly scored in the final seconds but Caleb’s team held on for the win.