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We fired up the family still, loaded a few crates of the best sour mash this side of Fall Creek and dropped it by the local speakeasy for some quick cash. Shhh! Don’t say nuthin’ to the coppers!

We played Bootleggers with the boys last night. It’s a Prohibition Era themed game of producing and supplying crates of black market whiskey to the speakeasies in town. It was designed by SDR Games and produced by the mostly defunct Eagle Games.


The game is played over 12 rounds and your goal is to have the most cash on hand at the end of the game. Players take on the role of gangsters vying for control of several speakeasies in town, producing whiskey at their still, shipping it to one or more speakeasies and selling it for a profit. This game is a produce and deliver game with a ‘take-that’ aspect to the game (in the form of cards that allow you to mess with other players’ plans).

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game. The gameplay, components (little gangster figures, trucks) and mechanics all work together to evoke a 1920s gangster era mood. Tristan finished as the big winner by having more than $100K at the end of round 9, ending the game early. Jill, Caleb and I finished with $65K each and Logan had $61K. Perhaps Tristan’s nickname should be Al Capone!

Here’s a shot of us getting ready to unload our goods at the speakeasies in round 8. I was playing the red pieces. Notice the truck with the red gangster figure next to it? …. No? …. Me neither! Jill hijacked my truck on the way into town. How d’ya like that?!?