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Undeniably, the two best teams in the 6th grade youth football league played today. They were also the most evenly matched teams. The final score was 9 to 6. The Dolphins scored late in the 1st quarter and were held to a handful of 1st downs for the remainder of the game. The Panthers missed opportunities in the 2nd half with two turnovers in the red zone. They tied the game as time expired but missed the point after to send the game into overtime. Each team was given 4 downs to score from the 10. Neither team was able to capitalize resulting in a 2nd overtime. During their second possession, the Dolphins used their final down to kick a field goal, winning the game.

Both teams put forth tremendous effort in their final game of league play. Sadly, it was not the Panthers’ day. Still, they had a terrific season and most of the players will continue to play in Jr High with 3 schools in the district fielding teams next fall. Jill and I’ve been extremely pleased with the coaching staff this year. While winning games is certainly on everyone’s mind, they’re emphasis on teaching and getting all the kids involved was refreshing.