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Here’s what I brought back…


Die Baumeister von Arkadia
Il Principe
Arche Opti Mix + expansion

Not played


Another by the designer of Oltre Mare. Purchased after explanation by designer.

Through the Ages

Czech Board Games. A lot of buzz. Looks to be good.


Another by CBG. Faintly Settlers like.

Null & Nichtig

Played back in the States. Unusual trick taking game. I like it!


Retheme of earlier Rudiger Dorn game. Boys and I played this week. They liked it. Plays quickly.

TtR 1910

Primarily purchased for the larger cards but glad to have another Ticket to Ride variant.

Havoc – Card Expansion

Only had the BGG.con expansion. This has all the extras.

Blue Moon City expansion (spielbox)

Adds 2 additional buildings to the game. There is another expansion coming in the December issue of Spielbox (9.50 euro to the US).

Thurn & Taxis expansion (spielbox)

Adds a way to perform more than one special action per turn.

Power Grid

Benelux/Central Europe expansion — New boards.

To consider down the road…

Leonardo da Vinci

Played at Essen and liked. Some are complaining about the basic setup. Will watch the ‘geek to see how this develops. Still seems to be a good game.


Possible purchase once it makes its way to the US.

Pillars of the Earth (Saulen der Erde)

Supposed to be released in the US next year.