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The annual gaming weekend I co-host with 5 other friends kicks off next Wednesday (Feb 14). This will be our 8th consecutive year for this party. It’ll run until Sunday, the 18th. We cut back on the number of attendees this year plus a few can’t make it so we’re at 19 this time around.

This event is primarily three and a half days of open gaming. We have a few organized events including opening night Werewolf, a small Magic booster draft tournament and simultaneous play of 4 Kramer action point games (Tikal, Mexica, Java and Torres).

We’ll play a smattering of games that were released at this past Essen including Die Baumeister von Arkadia, Hermagor, Yspahan and Through the Ages. Some relatively recent releases will also hit the table including BattleLore, Blue Moon City and The Great Space Race. We also tend to pull out the classics like El Grande, Roborally, Elfenland and Settlers (of Catan).

You can see more about what we’re doing this year at the web site we maintain for our group.

I maintained our site for several years using static HTML pages. A couple of years ago, I installed a wiki engine and moved the entire site over. Everyone in our group can make edits and help maintain the site and that has lead to more content being developed and a richer record of what we’ve done as a gaming group over the last couple of years.

The park we hold the event at has recently enabled wireless access for guests so I may even do a little on site reporting this year rather than the after the fact reports I’ve done in the past.