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Back home after 3 packed days of gaming in Texas. Bright spots for me were:

  • Brass
  • Thebes
  • Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
  • Agricola
  • Mission: Red Planet

Will provide additional details in the coming days. Check out Chris Brooks’ blog for a daily summary and some great pictures. A few stats from the weekend:

  • 17 games played (including a 6.5 hour marathon/learning session of Hannibal) – 16 were games I’d never played before.
  • Gamed with 23 people. Of those, I already knew or have previously gamed with 8 prior to this year’s BGG.con.
  • Assisted with the setup on Wednesday which included 3 hours of helping assemble the mega-Heroscape map designed by Rodney Loyd (hotrodqt).

Many thanks to the organizers (Aldie, Derk, Randy, Vickie, et al) for another awesome convention. Chris and I also appreciate that Randy, Tim and Carrie hauled us around for dinner on Thursday and Saturday. It was great to get away from the hotel for a couple of hours and have an alternative to the Denny’s across the street!