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BGG has hosted another terrific con. Hats off to Aldie, Derk, Vickie, Randy, et al for continuing to provide a wonderful board gaming convention. The move to the new hotel was a big improvement in the layout and usability of the space available for gaming. The only real issue at this point is the lack of dining choices nearby. I’d echo Chris’ sentiments that the planners should either continue their search for another location with comparable space that has more convenient dining options or work out a way to shuttle attendees to an area with additional choices.

Having attended GenCon and Essen, BGG.con is simply, hands down, the best gaming convention I’ve been to where the focus is playing games. Essen and GenCon are great for their exhibition halls and access to the publishers and new releases (less so for GenCon) but are not known for their open gaming areas.

Games purchased or likely to purchase

Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage

This was the best gaming experience I had all weekend. Part of that is Chris. He’s great to game with and didn’t lose his cool even when I dropped ‘Hanno Counsels Carthage’ on him 2 turns in a row! With the reprint, I’m hopeful this will find a wider audience. It really is that good. Yes, it is an investment in time but it is worth it. If you enjoy Twilight Struggle, you owe it to yourself to play this with someone, especially if you have any interest in ancient Rome. I already own a copy. Yes, I did preorder from VG and yes, I was frustrated with the process. They did a nice job with the reprint and I’m very glad to have a copy on my gaming shelf.


It’s hard to say what was 2nd but Agricola is high on the list. Z-Man is taking preorders and I’m seriously considering an order. This scratches a similar itch as Through the Ages — big, wide open and highly replayable. Like TtA, some will complain that it is just several gamers playing solitaire together. Maybe so but anything I can enjoy for a couple of hours is worth taking a look at in my book. Zev — produce a nice English version with animeeples and I’m there!


Quick and well-themed, almost too good to be true. I will be picking up a copy of this.

Mission: Red Planet

OK, the components look like they are straight from a late (Hasborg) Avalon Hill release but it is fun and and plays quickly. This would be a good purchase for me. Although the components could use a little help, the steampunk art is awfully sweet.


Another very likely purchase. I’d like to find someone in Indy with a copy and play a few more times to be sure. Would someone tell these guys to stop with the cruddy money components. Another game that begs you to use your poker chips because the existing components for cash bite in a big way!

On the Fence…

Games I enjoyed but unlikely to purchase until I have an opportunity to play a few more times.


Do I need this more than Antike or Imperial?


Good game but not sure I need it with Carc: The Castle, Caylus Magna Carta, Jambo and the like.


Very good game. A more thematic Puerto Rico? A possibility with my group but I should play a couple more games before purchasing this.

In the Year of the Dragon

Tense but awfully dry and abstract. I’d rather play Zepter which is also very dry and abstract but I like the theme more.


I enjoyed this but just not sure I need a copy. Will gladly play someone else’s copy though. 🙂


I need to put this up for trade. Although I like the game, it just isn’t something that will get played often. Oltre Mare is different but seems to fill the same sort of need.

No Way, Jose…


Simple and small but I’d choose several others before this.

It’s Alive

Good game but probably would pick something like Ra over this most of the time.

Before the Wind

Misplaying the auctions may’ve really tainted this game for me. Improving the symbology on the cards would go a long way to improving the gaming experience of this title.


Very much a pasted on theme that just doesn’t grab me.

Would like to have played…

StarCraft: The Board Game

Would be nice to find a game to fit the TI3 niche that plays in 2 to 3 hours. This seems like it could come close but I just can’t justify the cost without playing first.

Race for the Galaxy

This may just end up as a purchase. San Juan with a space theme? Cool! And it may just be engaging enough to interest my boys.


Would like to try this out. I have all the other GIPF games, including TAMSK, the game replaced by this one. YINSH and DVONN have been the most enjoyable from this series thus far.

…And then there were…

If you enjoy gaming, get to BGG.con next year…that’s what it is all about. You can do other things — puzzle hunt, game show, etc. but it’s really about gaming. I plan to continue attending and you will likely find Chris and I looking for a few good gamers to try out something new…

PS… KC, whatever you do, find a way to get your bad self down to BGG.con so we can have some serious gaming. I was very disappointed that you couldn’t make it!