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Spent last week meeting with folks at our sites in UK and Ireland. Snapped a few pics with the iPhone. It does a good job if the conditions are right.

My favorite is the one of the Mystery Rummy deal in the pub I spent a couple of nights at in Ireland. If you are ever in Kinsale, be sure to visit the Spaniard and have a couple pints o’ Guiness. If you can do that after 9pm or so, even better!


Was only able to spend a few hours in London. Went to the Imperial War Museum … it is huge and wasn’t able to do more than scratch the surface. Snapped a pic of ‘Mind the Gap’ because it is a fading memory. London is upgrading the Underground and making it safer for all of us by modernizing and providing additional barriers to the subway. The well known phrase, ‘Mind the Gap,’ is slowly disappearing from fondly remembered platforms throughout the city.