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It’s the first weekend of football for Logan. He’s with the Packers again this year (4th Grade league). The team has the same coaches as last year and they drafted many of the same kids again. Logan is playing at cornerback and on special teams right now. They won their first game 14-0. The play by play:

1st Half (8 minute Qtrs)
Packers – 7:47 – Loss on Downs
Eagles – 1:13 – Fumble
Packers – 2:57 – Touchdown, failed on the point after
Eagles – 3:31 – Loss on Downs
Packers – :32 – End of Half (they did breakaway for a 60 yd TD but it was called back for a holding call)

Packers – 6, Eagles – 0

2nd Half
Eagles – 3:10 – Loss on Downs
Packers – 4:50 – Touchdown + 2 pt conversion
Eagles – 4:46 – Loss on Downs
Packers – 3:14 – Ran out clock

Packers – 14, Eagles – 0

The Pack was in position to score again with about a minute to go and wisely chose to knee the ball after getting the needed 1st down. No sense running up the score or risking injury this early in the season.

Way to go Logan!