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For the 11th year running, our annual break from the rest of the world, GTF, happened last weekend at the usual spot in southern KY. It’s our chance to hang out with friends and play a game or two or ten! There were 19 in attendance this year with the furthest traveling from Germany. This was the first year one of the original gang of six was unable to attend but we hope to see him back next year.


Co-operative games continue to be a presence at GTF.

This year, we saw Castle Panic, Pandemic, Ghost Stories and Shadows over Camelot played over the weekend.

Pandemic and Ghost Stories are my faves. Castle Panic is a fine game as is Shadows. Shadows biggest problem is that it takes 2 to 3 hours when it needs to be 90 minutes. Pandemic, on the other hand, doesn’t overstay its welcome…clocking in at 60 – 90 minutes. And Ghost Stories, oh my goodness, sticks to that 60 – 90 minute sweet spot for co-ops and is tough to beat even on the easiest level — good stuff!

Two Player Awesomeness

Two player games work just fine for me … mano a mano! 🙂

Neuroshima Hex, Dominion, Hive, Battle for Hill 218 and Galaxy Trucker were games I faced off against another single opponent.

Strategy Games

Standard fare at any GTF … Puerto Rico, Dominion, On the Underground, Canal Mania, Ra, and Havoc.

New for me

Tichu was a little bit of awesomeness for me. I had played in the past but this was the first time I’d really played it as it was intended. Kieron and I partnered up against Leroy and Brian for several sets. Not sure Kieron and I won any of the games but we had a great time playing this gem of a card game.

See you next year

Next year’s event will start on Feb 23, 2011. See y’all then!