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GTF commences in a few days. It’s the annual gaming weekend I and several friends started in 2000. This year marks 12 consecutive gatherings at Cumberland Falls State Park near Corbin, KY. We’ll have 21 friends attending this year. Most of the guys will travel from Indianapolis or Charleston, SC. Others are arriving from Cincinnati, New York and Landstuhl, Germany!

I’m looking forward to a short break from work and an opportunity to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a year. I’m also excited about 3+ non-stop days of gaming. 🙂 Games I will enjoy playing…

Magic: The Gathering

Tim organizes an 8-player single elimination tournament. We’ll draft from randomized boosters he’s created for the event.


I’m taking my copy with both expansions. I will teach and intend to play a fair amount of this over the weekend.


I’ve played several 18xx games over the last couple of years and feel I can successfully teach 1830 this year.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

I’ve heard good things about this and observed it being played at BGGcon but have not had an opportunity to play yet. Luke is bringing a copy and I intend to try this one out.</span>

Age of Steam

Luke will bring his AoS collection and expect Luke, Tim, Dan and I will find time to play at least once.

New To Me Games

Other games I would like to learn or try again include Carson City, Claustrophobia, Merchants & Marauders, Runewars and some more ‘deck-building’ card games such as Gosu, Ascension and Nightfall.

Not So New To Me Games

I’d also like to see plays of these more well known (to me) games: Power Grid, Agricola, Chicago Express, Ra, Tichu, Louis XIV, Pandemic and Small World.