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HSE Select traveled to Grand Rapids, MI last weekend (May 4-5) to participate in the Best of the Midwest. They went up against tough competition and came away with 3 wins and 3 losses.


HSE Select vs Sting: 11-1 (win)
HSE Select vs Fox Valley: 4-3 (win)
HSE Select vs Warriors: 2-9 (loss)


HSE Select vs Forest Hills: 3-10 (loss)
HSE Select vs Lake Forest: 11-2 (win)
HSE Select vs North Shore: 4-7 (loss)

Forest Hills was clearly the superior team. HSE lost to them by a similar margin at the Carmel Invitational on the previous weekend. The loss to Warriors is difficult to judge. It was the first game of the day for the Warriors and the third of the day for HSE.

The event is hosted by Forest Hills Lacrosse. It is well organized and they have a beautiful facility. Highly recommended if you want to play a lot of top notch teams in two days.

Logan winds up to score against Forest Hills…