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Gone to BGG.con

less than 1 minute read

See y’all in a few days. Out for serious gaming time with everyone at BoardGameGeek. Will be playing the new Essen releases and lots of other games and catch...

More Twilight Struggle

1 minute read

Jeff and I broke out Twilight Struggle this evening. It’s been a long time since either had played and it was slow going in the early turns reacquainting our...

Logan and Football

less than 1 minute read

Logan’s been playing 3rd grade tackle for the last 2 months.

TKD Nat’l Tournament

less than 1 minute read

Jill and the boys participated in the most recent national TKD tournament held in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sep 21 and 22. Jill — 3rd in one steps (sparring), Cale...