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Our monthly game night was at Jeff’s. We had 5 (Denise, Jeff, Kieron, Troy and me) on hand. I brought Ra and Havoc. While we were waiting for Troy to arrive, I taught everyone else how to play Ra and we played a 4 player game. I won a couple of very good auctions and was strong in Pharoahs and Rivers. That made it difficult to catch me. However, all three really liked the game when we were done. By that time, Troy had arrived and another friend, Dave, had dropped off Power Grid for us to play. We went through a little refresher on the rules as it had been a while since some of us had played. Jeff was new to the game. The game lasted about 2.5 hours and 3 of us got to the 15 city requirement to end the game at the same time. We were all able to power our cities but Denise won since she had the most cash.

I liked Power Grid before but wasn’t real keen on it when I played it at GTF earlier this year. I now believe that was partly because it was the first time I had played and because nearly everyone else was also learning the game so it didn’t really flow all that well. Tonight was different though. Most of us were familiar with the game already. Denise had played several times and was able to quickly resolve questions when they came up. The game flowed more smoothly and moved more quickly. I think I would enjoy this game a lot with experienced players that played quickly and kept the play time around 2 hours or so.

Game night conflicted with the belt ceremony for the boys. They all tested for their next belt in Taekwondo on Saturday and everyone passed. Awesome! Tristan and Logan are now Blue Belts. Caleb is a Sr Green Belt. He’s a step behind since he took 2 months off from TKD to play football this fall.