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I’ve been a member of the BMG music club for several years. A couple of times a year, I get a buy 1, get unlimited $1.99 offer that I use to fill in my music collection with titles I passed on when they were first released or music from artists that I discovered after they’d been around for a while. I’ve purchased easily 100 or more CDs this way in the last couple of years usually 15 – 20 titles at a time. I’ve never had a problem with any of the CDs from BMG until my most recent order.

Anytime I purchase music, I immediately rip it to my computer using Exact Audio Copy and LAME. Anything I want to carry with me gets loaded onto my iPod via iTunes. With Rush’s “Vapor Trails” CD, I had a problem copying track 13 to the computer. Regardless of the extraction method in EAC, I come away with a track that has drop outs in the 3:30 – 5:00 minute range. I’m certain there is a problem with the media. There are no scratches on the disc. The more interesting one was the 2nd CD that had a problem. A copy of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds…” wouldn’t even register in the drive. After several tries at getting the disc to work in the drive, I took it out and looked at the disc on edge. It was warped! I’ve been buying CDs almost as long as they’ve been available and I’ve never seen this. I’ve heard it can happen, just never experienced it. Fortunately, you can submit problems with your order from their website. I’ve done that and have requested replacements. Now it’s wait and see what sort of customer service they have.