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This weekend was the family gathering at Jill’s folks. Everyone planned to arrive just after lunch to watch the Colts continue their quest for a perfect season. Little did we know that the Chargers had something else in mind! Now that the ‘72 Dolphins have had their little toast, Manning and the boys in blue can pick up the pieces and focus on the Super Bowl.

After the shocker, we did our gift exchange. I scored copies of Bonaparte at Marengo and Battle Line from Jill’s folks and Hammer of the Scots and Wyatt Earp from Jill’s brother. I’ve been drifting ever closer to the war game genre of late. BaM and HotS are 2 nice games to start easing into this area and are two of the “introductory” games recommended by the Forward Observer group that has formed over at BGG. The next hurdle of course is to round up a few people to actually play these games. 🙂

I took a small box full of games today. We typically play quite a few games with Jill’s sister and her family. But it didn’t work out today. We were all glued to the Colts game, especially the 2nd half when it looked like they’d pull it off.