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We’ve lived at our current location for nearly 6 years. It has also been a long time since we’ve done any rearranging of the furniture on the 1st floor. Over the past year, I’ve been stacking games practically anywhere I could find space for them in the office. Jill wanted them to be organized in the basement but I didn’t want them down there for a couple of reasons. First, we had over 3 feet of water down there 5 years ago when a pipe froze and burst while we were out of town. It was an unusual set of circumstances that caused the problem and I don’t believe it will happen again but I’d rather not take the chance with all that cardboard. More importantly though, I want to have the games readily accessible. We do most of our gaming at the dining room table or on the floor in the office or family room so storing the games on the 1st floor is my preference.

Last weekend we spent most of Sunday moving furniture and bookcases around in the family room and office. We switched the bookcase in the office for the 2 that were in the family room and moved the couches and chairs in each room into a new configuration for a slightly different look in each room. The 2 bookcases in the office have now been commandeered for the game collection. Now it is all nicely organized and neatly arranged on shelves. There’s even room left over for a few more acquisitions! I think it turned out rather well.