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We sandwiched dinner between two halves of a Settlers of Catan session on Saturday. I had tried this out with the older boys a couple of years ago but had never gotten around to playing it again with them. I went over the rules and we got down to business. We played with 5 players but without interim builds between player turns. And that meant you really needed to use resources on your turn to make sure you didn’t have too much in your hand if the robber was rolled. The build up in the first half was slow as is typical. We stopped for dinner with everyone having between 3 and 5 VPs. After dinner, Tristan easily ran away with the game. He collected a handful of resources on several occasions and nobody rolled a 7 which would have activated the robber and forced him to discard half his hand. In one turn he built 6 road segments, capturing the Longest Road title from Logan. He also built cities on consecutive turns a little later in the game, claiming his 10th VP and the title of Lord of all Catan. Jill and Logan each finished with 6 and Caleb and I ended with 5. Running away with the game is putting it mildly — more like giving us the beat down in the latter half of the game!