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The boys had a 4 day weekend. Monday was Martin Luther King Day and Tuesday was a teacher only day. As fate would have it the snow didn’t arrive until Tuesday night. By this morning, there were a couple of inches on the ground. Needless to say, when I arrived home this evening, Logan was out back sledding down the hill and playing in the snow with his friends and had been since stepping off the bus. He loves the snow!

My copy of Das Ende des Triumvirats arrived in the mail this evening. It was one of the games I was interested in and played at BGG.con. It feels a little like a euro and a bit like a war game. The rules are simple and can easily finish in 60 – 90 minutes. It is also specifically designed as a 3 player game. Excellent 3 player games are not easy to find (Ra and Wyatt Earp come to mind). I think this is one that the older boys and I will enjoy. It’s been punched, bagged, the english rules printed and deposited in box. There are only a few, moderate sized player aids in german. I’ll print the english paste-ups and affix them to the cards to lower the learning curve a little. It’s ready to go so who wants to play?!?

I finished applying the stickers to the blocks in my copy of Europe Engulfed. That was 284 stickers applied in the last few days. And what is scheduled to show up on Friday? Commands and Colors: Ancients with more blocks and stickers to apply! Arghhhh! EE has a lot of stickers to apply but that’s just a warm up exercise for CC:A. It has 340+ blocks with stickers for both sides or nearly 700 of those little adhesive squares to apply. Yikes! Some have reported finishing the job in 2 hours. Others are pulling out the blocks needed to assemble the units for the first scenario so they can start playing as quickly as possible. I’ll at least finish enough to get some plays in this weekend with someone in my family (everyone likes Memoir ‘44 so they will pick this one up quickly) if not all of them (i.e. finish the blocks).