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Brian and I were the first to arrive at Cumberland Falls State Park on Wednesday about 3pm. Greg and Sean were about 10 minutes behind us and DJ and Don were another 30 behind them. By 6pm, more than half of the 24 participants had arrived and we were either setting up or playing games.

The first game I played this year was Loot. I’ve looked at it in the game store but never played. It was a nice, light auction style card game with a pirate theme. It’s a Knizia and I thought it played well for what it was. Good game, especially for something quick.


The first serious game for me was Puerto Rico. Haven’t played this as much lately. Still one of my favorites. This turned out to be a close one with the top 3 separated by a point a piece.

I taught Brian how to play Commands and Colors: Ancients. We played Akragas, the first scenario. Brian played Syracuse but I was able to eek out a 5-4 victory with good cards and hot dice. The battle went right down to the wire with either side having the potential to win on their turn with good die rolls.

Brian and I then moved on to Cartagena with Ryan, Leroy and Dave. Leroy learned this game during a game night at my house last month. He enjoys this game and won again at GTF.


Everyone else that was arriving on Wednesday was there by 11pm. We held our traditional opening ceremony followed by a large group game of Werewolf.


My final play of the night was with Jeff Carey and Dan in a game of Ende des Triumvirats. Played once at BGG.con and once with Caleb and Tristan. I printed the english paste ups and applied them to the components prior to GTF. Not necessary once you know the game but helpful for first time players. Dan won this one by winning 2 elections. Jeff and I spent too much time nipping at each other and didn’t pay enough attention to Dan to keep him in check. Subtle game that warrants additional plays.

Great first day to our annual gaming retreat. In the past, most of us left after work on Wednesday and would arrive around 10pm. This generally meant you were only able to get in 1 decent length game on the first night. This year many took most or all of the day off and were there by dinner time. We were able to get in quite a few more games.