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The game library at this year’s event….


After about 4 hours of sleep I awoke for Day 2. First thing I did was smoke the guys out of our cabin when I tried to get a fire going in the fireplace. I thought I had opened the damper when I had actually closed it. Yikes! Pretty humorous now in retrospect. 🙂

Most of the games I played on Day 2 were games that I already knew and were teaching to other gamers at the event. First up was Dungeoneer. I explained this to Jeff McGowen, Dave and Kieron. It was the first full game of Dungeoneer for any of us. Took about an hour or so. Everyone enjoyed and thought it was a good dungeon crawl game using cards to build the dungeon as you played.

Next up was Louis XIV. I’d read the rules several times and had played a couple of rounds with Jill before GTF. First time play for Ryan, George and Dave too. I was able to maintain a solid lead on the coat of arms tokens and stayed even on missions completed. I really liked this bid for influence game and so did everyone at the table. Definitely want to get this to the table at an upcoming game night.

Was able to get in another play of Commands & Colors: Ancients. This time with George. Love this game. Another tense, close game that could have gone either way. Learned this morning that GMT Games has announced the first expansion to CC:A and made it available for pre-order. The first expansion will contain 20 new scenarios and enough blocks for the Greek and Persian armies.


After dinner I had scheduled a game of Zepter von Zavandor. I’ve played this several times and this play was a learning game with Jeff Carey, Dave and Tim. Zepter games generally run long and this was no exception. We finished after 5 hours. All the new players found Zepter interesting and would like to play again.

My final play of the day was Ticket to Ride Europe with Sean, Bob, Greg and Brian. I like both versions of TtR. Sean groaned about half the time I claimed a connection in the middle of the board but, hey, I needed to complete my routes too! 🙂

Also during the day, Sean ran sessions of Aerodrome, a 3D airplane dogfighting simulation/game. Sean kept Aerodrome set up in one of the cabins all weekend and nearly everyone played at least one session. Many played more.

Got to bed on Day 2 about the same time as the previous night, around 2:30am. It was starting to shape up like a typical GTF with sleep deprivation setting in by the morning of Day 3.