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Friday was our regularly scheduled game night. Kieron hosted this month and we had a small gathering. Kieron, Leroy and I played Fairy Tale followed by Duel of Ages. It was the first play of Fairy Tale for Kieron and Leroy. They liked the drafting mechanic (former Magic players 🙂 and thought it was a nice filler.

Leroy had to leave early (about 9:30) so we played a medium length game of DoA. We played with 3 platters and 8 characters on a side. Kieron and Leroy were one team and I played the other. They were heavy on future characters while I had more colonial and modern characters. The points total went back and forth a couple of times and it was 2 to 1 in favor of Kieron and Leroy when Leroy left. Kieron and I played for another hour and I was able to take the lead back but Kieron won on the last turn. The final score was 4 to 2. They spent much of the game trying to eliminate my survivalist character who started the game with 8 equipment cards but he kept getting out of one scrape after another. He is a survivalist after all! Kieron did eliminate him on the final turn and became one of their victory points.

I have only played DoA a couple of times but I do enjoy it a little more each time. There is so much stuff in the game that it is overwhelming to play the first few times. I need to play a lot more to become comfortable with all the cards that are available. DoA is a neat system. It would’ve been nice if the platters (and therefore, the hexes) were larger so the character counters could be larger (or miniatures could be used).