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We went to the neighborhood pool this afternoon with the boys. While they swam, Jill and I did a bit o’ gaming. We played Jambo and fretted as the sky darkened and threatened rain. Jill had several Utility cards including the Kettle and Drums while I played with a single Utility card, Supplies. My strategy for the game was to use up to my first 2 actions to try and draw a Ware card and then use my Supplies card to pick up another Wares card. If I had 2 matching Ware cards, I’d use my last 2 actions to purchase and sell, usually netting 7 additional gold. This worked reasonably well as Jill had difficulty finding Ware cards that matched or cards that could manipulate Wares into the kinds she needed so that she could turn a profit.

My good fortune did not continue when we switched to Corsari. I had multiple hands where I had to take 20+ points per hand putting me over 100 with Jill having considerably less.