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Logan accepted a full-time offer from Cisco (contingent upon graduation in May). The team he works on was remote before the pandemic. He started looking at standing desks this fall since he will be a remote worker for the forseeable future.

Since I was exiting the workforce at the end of the year, I offered him my set up at half what I paid for it 18 months ago. And my cost was already discounted because I negotiated a $200 credit on the purchase of the side table after the desktop of the standing desk arrived with a little cosmetic damage along one side.

We moved everything using the Forester today. The standing desk (minus the monitor arms) fit in the back without disassembling the desk. We had to take the legs off the side table but the top fit (barely!) and we transported everything in two trips to the house he rents near Noblesville.

It didn’t take long for him to rearrange his workspace…


In between trips, he helped me lug my old (heavy) desk up from the basement. It’s where the standing desk was for the previous 18 months. I guess you could say I’ve come full circle…