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We road tripped down to Sarasota in the middle of January so we could go to the RV show in Tampa and look at, sit in and compare the six or so different RV models we have been researching for the last few months.

Wandered the show on the first day and checked out the Storyteller Overland MODE, Coachmen Nova, Wingamm Oasi 540, Winnebago EKKO and Winnebago Travato models plus a few others. Nearly purchased an EKKO but it sold about an hour before we showed up at the Winnebago booth.

Came back on the 2nd day (Jan 20) after discovering Leisure Travel Vans was exhibiting at the Mercedes-Benz booth. Loved the unit but didn’t like the nearly 2 year wait to take delivery. Wandered back over to Winnebago to take another look at the Travato. We sat in it, tried the bed again and talked about whether it would work for us and decided it ticked most of the boxes for what we wanted. The model we were interested in had not been sold. We put the money down and completed the paperwork to buy it at the show!


Flew back to Sarasota at the end of January to pickup the RV from the dealer on Groundhog Day (Feb 2)! At the end of the day, we headed out to meet up with Jill’s sister for a couple of days at a campground. We determined the fridge wasn’t cooling and were back at the dealer to troubleshoot on Friday. Were pretty sure it was faulty but didn’t complete all the tests before the end of business so we headed out to work our way back to Indy. We’d finish the troubleshooting and work with the manufacturer for a replacement fridge at home.

Met up with Jill’s brother at a brewery near Birmingham on Saturday and then on to Bowling Green, KY on Sunday where we stopped to winterize the RV before arriving at home on Monday, the 7th.