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Youth FBall: Packers – 0, Patriots – 6

less than 1 minute read

Heartbreaker this morning. Logan’s game was early this morning and the dew was heavy. This meant the field was damp and the ball was often wet. Mistakes occu...

Packers 14, Eagles 0

1 minute read

It’s the first weekend of football for Logan. He’s with the Packers again this year (4th Grade league). The team has the same coaches as last year and they d...

2nd Degree Black Belt for Caleb

less than 1 minute read

Caleb tested for 2nd Degree and his instructor collar last weekend and passed for 2nd Degree. He had a couple of missteps on 2 of the forms and will retest f...


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Spent last week meeting with folks at our sites in UK and Ireland. Snapped a few pics with the iPhone. It does a good job if the conditions are right.